Road Bike Accessories No One Should Be Without

There are a few road bike accessories that are useful if you plan to go long distances, when commuting to work for example. Any time you are in a time-sensitive situation, like when trying to get to work, it is important to be prepared for various eventualities. There are also some practical issues that it is a good idea to address not matter what you are doing. Thankfully, many of these accessories are quite innocuous – they do not weigh a great deal or slow you down appreciably – and often they do not cost very much either. In this article, we will present some of the accessories you should think about bringing with you any time you are out on your road bike.

Good, Strong Locks:

It is a sad thing, but bicycles are very popular targets for thieves, and the nicer your bike is, the worse the problem becomes. To a thief, a bicycle is an excellent opportunity, as they are simple, reliable machines with good resale value that even provide their own means of a getaway! As a result, going anywhere without a good quality lock is just asking for your bike to be stolen by the time you come back to it. Even when popping into a shop for a few minutes, leaving your bike unattended outside is a bad idea. Get a good lock and you will have a genuinely useful thief deterrent.


It hardly needs to be said, but your bicycle does not function without compressed air! If anything should happen, like that, you get a slow leak in one of the tires, for example, you need some way to get home again. A pump can be a real lifesaver in this situation. Most good pumps are pretty small and light these days, and fit very neatly onto your bicycle’s frame, so they will not get in the way or slow you down.

Water Bottles:

Staying properly hydrated is a vital part of cycling and working out generally. Getting dehydrated is one of the great dangers of any serious exercise and can lead to all sorts of unpleasant feelings. Especially on a hot day, it is important to be able to have a refreshing drink on hand. Get a water bottle cage for your bicycle that can hold normal sports water bottles.

Repair Kit:

The pump we mentioned above is useful when you have a slow puncture, but if the tire fails completely, it does not matter how quickly you pump it up, it is going right down again. Bicycle puncture repair kits are remarkably simple and reliable solutions to the constant problem of flats, and are so small and light that it would be silly not to carry one.

These are just a few of the road bike accessories you should have on you at all times. An awful lot of this should be common sense, and yet many people go without these sorts of basic amenities, maybe through some misplaced sense of machismo. Expert cyclists know that practicality is key, and going without these sorts of accessories is just asking for trouble.


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How To Choose The Appropriate Mountain Bike Accessories For Your Bike

So you went out and picked up a new mountain bike. It was probably pretty overwhelming at first. There were so many designs to choose from, different stores to shop at, different manufacturers to consider. You finally picked the bike you wanted and brought it home. You forgot something important, though. There are some accessories you ought to consider for your mountain bike and for you.

The first thing you should think about is safety. Safety accessories for mountain bike riders are diverse and plentiful. A key ingredient for rider safety is the helmet. Many riders shun helmets, but no intelligent rider should be without one. Statistics woefully back up the significance of helmets. Helmets save lives: it’s that simple. It’s not just your mortality you should be concerned with but also your long-term health. A serious head injury can leave you with a whole lifetime of health problems. Even a minor wreck can result in serious injuries if you hit your head and you’re not wearing a helmet. Modern mountain bike helmets are light and sleek and do a better job of protecting your head than their clunkier predecessors. In the past, riders looked down on riders who wore helmets but in recent years reason has prevailed. More and more riders choose to wear helmets. Cost shouldn’t be a factor as a good helmet can be acquired for around $30. If you want a top of the line model, be prepared to spend over $200.

Another important safety accessory for mountain bike riders are lights. If you’re going to be riding at night you should have a light. Most jurisdictions require them. Even if you’re riding off-road, it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to want a light for your mountain bike. You want to see the trail, don’t you? And if you’re riding anywhere near traffic you’re going to not only want to be but you’re also going to want to be seen by drivers. Who hasn’t suddenly come up on a bike rider and found themselves thinking, “He’s lucky I saw him.” Mountain bike lights these day are made with cutting edge LED lamps so they almost never need to be replaced and more and more are being made with rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to keep spending money on new batteries. There are also those classic models which are powered by the wheels of the bike. You should invest in lights for the front and the back of your bike to make sure you visible from every angle.

Beyond safety accessories, there are plenty of other items which will begin to be necessary as you get into mountain bike riding. One such necessity will be a repair kit. What are you going to do if you get a flat tire on a trail miles from the nearest road? This is when you’ll wish you had a repair kit. Basic repair kits are cheap and will let you patch a tire, repair brakes, fix your derailleur, and other simple tasks. Along with patching that tire you’ll want to be able to inflate it again! A small pump which attaches to the bike frame is an excellent purchase.

Another good idea is either a water bottle or backpack hydration system. When riding in the summer heat you’ll be thankful you brought some liquid refreshment with you.

This by no means an exhaustive list of mountain bike accessories. This just gives you an idea of the range of products available. These are just the basic ones you’ll want. The more you ride your mountain bike the more you’ll find the need for more accessories. For every need there’s a product.


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Improving Your Specialized Road Bike

A specialized road bike is the bike that has been customized in a special way that has met every bike rider’s requirement. These kinds of bikes have parts as well as accessories that are already customized compared to the basic version of a bike. By adding or changing something in your bike, whether it is a small change or not, can still make a meaningful difference in your biking experience based in comfort.

You can customize your specialized road bikes at home by getting the parts you need as well as the accessories through delivery. But then, you can also order these kinds of bike straight from the dealer. Customizing a road bike is usually and must be undertaken by those who are already experienced with mountain bikes and are familiar with the many available options. If you have just started liking road bikes and have just made road biking a hobby then a basic model of mountain bike without any need for customization is enough. As time goes by, you will be able to increase your experience and knowledge and can slowly start customizing your bike piece by piece.

Specialized road bikes can have improvements with the performance. The bike’s improvement is based on the part you will be adding as well as the new look it will have. The parts of the mountain bikes are always available in bicycle stores which mean you will not experience any shortage when it comes to buying the parts. You can buy your bike new breaks, gears, pedals, or handle bars for customization. The frame, tires, and suspension system can also be changed. You can also paint your bike in any color of your choice to make it trendier. Take note that you must not just focus on what your bike might look like but also on how you would feel when riding it.

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